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Your strategic content agency

After being invited to speak at Stanford University on information warfare, Pulpe de Com empowers businesses and nations to navigate the complex world of information.

We provide strategy, meaningful messages and transformational growth for clients around the world.

Pulpe de Com empowers your brand to help you achieve your full potential.

Pulpe de Com is a high value strategic content agency founded in 2010 in France.

We focus on clients’ needs with regard to information gathering.

We help you fight disinformation and train your teams against information manipulation.

Exert a greater impact!
Be more informed and prepared
Sell more through your writing
Are you better trained than your competitors?

Exploit your full potential

Every day, we advise companies on their communication and influence strategies, and their response to disinformation.

Researching, analyzing, delivering the right message to the right target, influencing and defending your reputation, all are part of our daily work.

Our staff includes social media experts, lawyers, graphic designers, strategic intelligence experts and information warfare specialist.

We conduct interviews and strategic studies.

We help prevent informational risks, analyze controversy and draw up prevention scenarios.

We guide you in preparing content strategy.

Need training? Our agency also offers training courses.

We work to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Let’s talk about your project!

Our agency is made up of communicators and experts in strategic intelligence.

Caroline Rabourdin

CEO Pulpe de Com

Information warfare specialist
Strategic intelligence expert
Former journalist


Member of the Paris Bar specializing in new technologies and media law
MBA in luxury marketing


What our customers say about us:

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Need an update on your communications strategy? Let’s discuss your project or problem.


Our publications

What is misinformation? What is the fabrication of ignorance? Is information warfare a risk for organizations? To find out, visit our blog.

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