Information Warfare

Become the leader!

Increase your sales, conquer new markets and take your business to the next level!

Protect your reputation

Reputational risk is a major risk. Strengthen your reputation!


Get interviewed in the media and spread the word!

Exploit your potential

Get trained in the art of economic combat!

Pulpe de Com offers:

formation stratégie d'influence

Become the leader!

Become the leader and spread your wings!

Communication tools, media relations, influence strategy and brand awareness… Pulpe de Com advises you on information warfare strategy and strategic information and communication to help you achieve your full potential.

Book a consulting session.


Achieve new levels of growth!

Whatever the size of your company, be an influential player! Communicate effectively with the media, your stakeholders and internally.

We can advise you or set up your own influence and media relations strategy.

Protect your reputation

Has your company been subjected to unwanted controversy? Who’s behind it? Protect your reputation.

Pulpe de Com analyzes polemics and power struggles, and helps you combat disinformation.

Keep your teams on top

To make the most of your potential, we train you in information warfare, economic intelligence, media relations, web editing… We explain what’s at stake and share our knowledge with you.

Master the art of information warfare and the art of economic combat through information.

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