We are fighting disinformation

Pulpe de Com is a strategic content agency founded in April 2010 and based in France. Our team is made up of communicators and experts in strategic intelligence.

The agency’s CEO, Caroline Rabourdin, is an information warfare specialist, strategic intelligence expert, communicator, and former journalist.

We collect and dissect information. We conduct interviews. We analyze disinformation and controversy. We decipher the balance of power and help you make the right decisions.

Caroline Rabourdin fondatrice agence d'influence Pulpe de Com

Introducing Caroline Rabourdin

Caroline Rabourdin initiated her career in communications after a deep dive into foreign language studies at the University of Clermont-Fd (France). Graduating from the esteemed Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Paris marked the beginning of her professional journey.

With an impressive background encompassing prominent national news organizations, Caroline has also earned recognition as a published author (Dunod, Michelin, Dakota).

In 2010, she took a bold entrepreneurial step by founding Pulpe de Com, a strategic content agency. Leveraging her diverse skill set, the agency has excelled in providing businesses with effective strategic communications solutions.

Caroline Rabourdin

Caroline Rabourdin Expert in Corporate Information Warfare

Caroline Rabourdin PhD

Motivated by an unyielding pursuit of knowledge and excellence, Caroline earned an Executive MBA in Strategic Management and Strategic Intelligence from the Paris School of Economic Warfare in 2020. Subsequently, she embarked on doctoral studies, focusing on Information and Communication Sciences coupled with Homeland Defense-Security at the esteemed University of Aix-Marseille, specializing in the intricacies of information warfare.

Caroline’s unwavering dedication and expertise in information warfare have led her to notable roles, including active participation in the French national commission addressing Information Manipulation from 2023. Her insights and expertise gained international recognition through a lightning talk at the prestigious Trust & Safety Research Conference at Stanford University in September 2023. As a member of the Trust and Safety Professional Association, Caroline Rabourdin seamlessly wears multiple professional hats. Beyond her roles as a journalist and communicator, she serves as an author, strategic intelligence expert, educator, and revered researcher specializing in information warfare.

Caroline’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and her commitment to shaping the landscape of information warfare underscore her dedication to assisting businesses in understanding, navigating, and addressing the challenges posed by the evolving digital era.

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Deciphering false information

Is your company subjected to controversy or reputation bashing? We provide analysis and recommendations. Our agency can advise you on such topics as: information warfare, influence, content, reputational risks and others.

Then we help you take action to set the record straight. Depending on your project, we consult with our legal and other experts. We can also provide training for you and your teams.

Prominent customers

Pulpe de Com works for clients all around the world.

Our clients include large groups, luxury houses, celebrities, SMEs, VSEs, etc. We work with the best. You’re one of them, aren’t you?

We’ve had the honor of providing consultancy services for Danone, Audemars Piguet, Longchamp, Lancel, Dior and numerous other firms.

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Ethics and


Our agency is recognized for its accuracy and the quality of its advice and expertise.

We work in accordance with the law and our own ethics system. We sometimes reject certain assignments that run counter to the law or these principles. We may need to bring in an ethics committee for certain projects.

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